anatomy n [LL anatomia dissection, fr. GK anatomē, fr. Anatemnein to dissect, fr. ana- + temnein to cut – more at TOME] 1 : a branch of morphology that deals with the structure of organisms 2 : a treatise on anatomic science or art 3 : the art of separating the parts of an animal or plant in order to ascertain their position, relations, structure, and function : DISSECTION 4 obs : a body dissected or to be dissected 5 : structural makeup esp. of an organism or any of its parts 6 : a separating or dividing into parts for detailed examination : ANALYSIS 7 a (1) : SKELETON (2) : MUMMY b : the human body

In 1949, Raymond Chandler observed that a detective story is a tragedy with a happy ending. But there is no happy ending here. Maybe it is as Edgar Allen Poe suggested in “The Man of the Crowd” (1840): “There are some secrets which do not permit themselves to be told… mysteries which will not suffer themselves to be revealed. Now and then, alas, the conscience of man takes up a burthen so heavy in horror that it can be thrown down only into the grave.”

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